Extract Any Data
from Any File

Convert PDFs, Images, Videos, and Documents into Spreadsheets.
Save time and simplify your workflow.


Extract anything in less than a minute

EndType is super easy to use, requires no coding or specific skills and it's free to try!

1. Tell us what you need

Using a simple drag and drop interface tell us what data you want to extract from each file

2. Upload your files

Upload your files in bulk. We will take care of processing them and extracting your data

3. Get your data

Search, query and preview your data. Download it as a .csv file if you want to

Really anything,
Even if it's not there

Run AI models directly inside our extraction tool and generate new content on demand.

  • Add categories
  • Generate summaries
  • Translate documents
  • Detect errors
  • ...

File Hosting Included

Store your files directly on EndType and preview them anytime with a single click.

Your extracted data and original file live together side by side.

Connected with you via workflows

Upload files via a simple drag and drop or use one of our workflow connectors:

  • API

    Send any file via API.

  • Zapier

    Easily connect our API to Zapier for recurring workflows.

  • Email

    Forward any file via email to out custom email address.


Reach out at any time to [email protected] - We are more than happy to help!

  • What kind of files I can upload?

    .PDF, documents, word files, videos, .MP3, images and more

  • Is it complicate to setup?

    No, takes 5 minutes max

  • Can I try it?

    Yes, we offer a free plan without asking for credit card details

  • Can I get a demo?

    Yes, please email [email protected]