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What's a credit?

A credit is consumed everytime you run endtype on a cell. If you run EndType on 100 rows in one column it will consume 100 credits

What if the extension menu shows only a 'help' button?

Simply reload the spreadsheet and everything else will show up

What can EndType do?

The sky is the limit. It can clean data, find new data, write paragraphs, categorize things, and so much more. Give it a try.

Do you store my data?

No we don't. Everything is streamed and doesn't even touch our database

Can my company pay for many accounts?

Yes, by default we apply credits to the logged in user in the spreadsheet. However you can also add an API key manually via the extension menu, if you do that all the credits will be deducted by that one API key.

How I can reference to other cells?

Use formulas, in particular CONCATENATE is very useful. If you have for example a city name in A2, in B2 you can type =CONCATENATE("In which country is ", A2, "?"). Then you can simply pull the formula down for all the other cells